Table 6.  Code table for input report types (last revised 2/12/2018) (should be up-to-date).
Report Type Definition
         11 Fixed land RAOB and PIBAL by block and station number
         12 Fixed land RAOB and PIBAL by call letters
         13 Mobile land RAOB (including CLAS soundings)
         22 Ship RAOB with name
         23 Ship RAOB without name (report id set to "SHIP")
         31 Reconnaissance aircraft or dropwinsonde
         41  Aircraft flight-level (all types)
         61 Satellite soundings/retrievals/radiances
         63 Satellite-derived winds
         65 SSM/I total precipitable water (ocean) product
         66 SSM/I rain rate product
         68 SSM/I brightness temperatures
         69 SSM/I cloud water (ocean) product
         71 NOAA Profiler Network (NPN) Profiler winds
         72 NEXRAD Vertical Azimuth Display (VAD) winds  (from both Radar Coded Message and from Level 2 decoder)
         73 Wind profiler originating in PIBAL bulletins (tropical and European)
         74 GPS-IPW (Integrated Precipitable Water)
         75 Multi-Agency Profiler (MAP) Profiler and acoustic sounder (SODAR) winds
         76 Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) profiler winds
         77 NOAA Profiler Network (NPN) or Multi-Agency Profiler (MAP) RASS temperatures
       511 Land surface (fixed) by block and station number (synoptic, both unrestricted & restricted WMO Res. 40)
       512 Land surface (fixed) by call letters (METAR)
       514 Mobile land surface (synoptic)
       522 Ship with name
       523 Ship without name (report id set to "SHIP")
       531 C-MAN platform
       532 Tide gauge report
       534 Coast Guard tide gauge report
       540 Mesonet surface
       551 Sea-level pressure bogus
       561 Buoys arriving in TAC WMO FM13 format (fixed)
       562 Buoys arriving in TAC WMO FM18 format (fixed or drifting)
       563 Buoys arriving in BUFR format (fixed)
       564 Buoys arriving in BUFR format (drifting)
       571 SSM/I wind speed (ocean) product
       573 SSM/I soil moisture product
       574 SSM/I snow depth product
       575 SSM/I additional products (surface tag, ice concentration, ice age, ice edge, calculated surface type)
       576 SSM/I surface (skin) temperature product
       577 SSM/I sea surface temperature product
       581 ERS scatterometer winds
       582 QuikSCAT scatterometer winds
       583 WindSAT scatterometer winds (Navy- or NESDIS- produced)
       584 ASCAT scatterometer winds