EMC FV3-CAM Graphics

This webpage displays forecasts from 2 experimental regional configurations of the Finite-Volume Cubed Sphere (FV3) model at NOAA's Environmental Modeling Center (EMC):

(1) FV3SAR: The 3-km stand-alone regional (SAR) configuration

(2) FV3SAR-X: An experimental version of the SAR, 1 is the control run for this experiment

The regional FV3 configurations run twice a day over the CONUS at 00/12Z out to 60 hours and use GFDL microphysics. Two sets of difference plots are available, comparing the control/experimental runs of the
SAR (1 & 2), and the NAM nest to the SAR (1).

Looping image display modified from https://www.spc.noaa.gov image displays.

DISCLAIMER: This webpage is not "operational" and is not subject to 24-h monitoring by NCEP's Central Operations staff. These forecasts run on the development WCOSS Cray (Luna or Surge) and will not
complete when the machine is unavailable.