National Stage IV QPE Product

Mosaicked from Individual RFC's Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs)

River Forecast Centers Snapshot from T-12h (right panel is Stage IV)
12-hour loop, T-12h to T-1h

What is the NCEP Stage IV analysis?
Mosaicked into a national product at NCEP, from the regional hourly/6-hourly multi-sensor (radar+gauges) precipitation analyses (MPEs) produced by the 12 River Forecast Centers over CONUS. Some manual QC done at the RFCs.

The Stage II/IV job is run at 33min past the top of each hour. Hourly Stage IV is re-made hourly (if there is new input) for the first 23 hours after valid time, then again at 1/3/5/7 days after valid time. The 6-hourly Stage IV is re-made hourly (if there is new 6h input) for 42 hours after valid time; the four 6-hourlies covering a 12Z-12Z 24h period are also re-made on a fixed schedule, regardless of input, at 1/3/5/7 days after the ending 12Z (i.e. at the 12:33Z run); at which time the corresponding 24h totals are also re-made. The current day's 24h totals are made at 15:33/21:33/23:33Z run cycles. (Note: after 2 May 2017, the current day's 24h totals will be made hourly, at 12:33/13:33...,23:33Z).



What is available in Stage IV:
Analysis on the 4km HRAP grid: ST4.yyyymmddhh.xxh.Z, where xx (=01,06 or 24) is the accumulation period and yyyymmddhh is the ending time of the accumulation period.

Images (left panel is Stage II):

Where to get NCEP Stage IV:

Log of problem hours
Timeliness of the data, daily logs of regional MPE arrival times
Grid information
Questions and Answers
Links to NCEP Stage II and other precipitation products

Various regional MPE links:

Link to various RFC archives

Individual RFCs:
Sub-center ID RFC Name Location
105 SJU Puerto Rico San Juan, PR
150 ABRFC Arkansas-Red Basin Tulsa, OK
151 APRFC Alaska-Pacific Anchorage, AK
152 CBRFC Colorado Basin Salt Lake City, UT
153 CNRFC California Nevada Sacramento, CA
154 LMRFC Lower Mississippi Slidell, LA
155 MARFC Middle Atlantic State College, PA
156 MBRFC Missouri Basin Pleasant Hill, MO
157 NCRFC North Central Chanhassen, MN
158 NERFC Northeast Taunton, MA
159 NWRFC Northwest Portland, OR
160 OHRFC Ohio Wilmington, OH
161 SERFC Southeast Peachtree City, GA
162 WGRFC West Gulf Fort Worth, TX

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