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This website is targeted to improve communication with NCEPLIBS user community


A Grib 2 version of the NCEP IPOLATES LIBRARY (IPLIB2) is ready for your testing!

(see DEVELOPMENT NEWS/Outstanding Issues )

or >>> ClicK HERE <<<


NCEPLIBS News: General

-        NCEPLIBS join table

-        NCEPLIBS development Monitor

-        Cray NCEPLIBS progress

-        Modules Updates

-        NCEPLIBS meeting notes (NOAA only)


PRODUCTION News: NCO announcements

-        Changes in the default (production) versions

-        System changes that can affect

-        Modules/environment changes

-        Known issues with NCEPLIBS

-        3rd party libraries availability sites/versions/modules

-        Repository updates


DEVELOPMENT News: EMC announcements

-        Changes in the next versions

-        Outstanding Issues.

-        Tickets resolution

-        Ongoing development / issues

-        Availability of installations on different sites

-        Examples of the testing on different sites

-        Computing Environment


NCEPLIBS Documentation

-        Procedures and conventions for NCEPLIBS use

-        Tutorials of NCEPLIBS use. Examples

-        Applications and components using NCEPLIBS (updated)

-        Computing environment.

-        NCEPLIBS Modulefiles.

-        Portability.

-        Unit / regression/ stress- testing: availability


NCEPLIBS Resources

-        Who are we (the NCEPLIBS group)?

-        Access to the NCEPLIBS repository.

-        Distributives / references to ftp on the release and community tags

-        Become a NCEPLIBS group associate

-        Collaborate with NCEPLIBS

-        Open a ticket / Report an issue

-        Archive of the documents.

-        Known NCEPLIBS based Models/Applications

-        FAQ



Mark Iredell (Mark.Iredell@noaa.gov)

Dexin Zhang (Dexin.Zhang@noaa.gov)