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NAEFS Verification - (Updated seasonally)

Precipitation verification (GEFS V11.0.0)

FNMOC Global Ensemble Forecast Evaluation

NUOPC continous evaluation (Directory)

Next NAEFS/Muilt-Model experiments

High resolution experiments

500 hPa Height AC, RMS, Talagrand and Outliers (Current and updated daily)

Ensemble comparison for NCEP, CMC and ECMWF (seasonally)

GEFS performence (yearly)

NCO ensemble parallel experiments (Current and updated daily - if real time parallel is running)

P5_P6 comprison

Local experiments

Local experiments (special project)

500 hPa Height Bias Correction for AC, RMS, Talagrand and Outliers (exp)

500 hPa Height AC and RMS ( for 4 cycles)

500 hPa Height AC and RMS

500 hPa Height Probability Evaluation

500 hPa Height Outliers from Talagrand

500 hPa Height Model Error by Daily Map

PQPF/QPF Evaluation by Daily Map

Ensemble size (10/20)

EnKF related study