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WMO WWRP/THORPEX-WCRP joint S2S research project

The conference brought together the research community, the operational centers, and the applications community interested on subseasonal to seasonal timescale with the purpose to Improve forecast skill and understanding on the timescale between two weeks and a season, Promote its uptake by operational centers and, Exploitation by the applications community.

Date and Location:
10-13 February 2014
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD, USA

a. Relevant phenomenon for subseasonal to seasonal predictions and predictability
b. Prediction of Extremes
c. Initialization and Perturbation Methods
d. Design of forecast systems (dynamical and statistical), bias correction, verifications, and quantification of uncertainty
e. Approaches to integrate S2S forecasts into applications

Download PDF version of oral program here
Download PDF containing list of poster presentations here

S2S Abstracts and Presentations:
List of abstracts by session
Presentations are now posted at the WMO's S2S Project website: List of presentations


Scientific Steering Committee

Arun Kumar, NOAA/NCEP
Frederic Vitart, ECMWF, UK
Andrew Robertson, IRI, USA
Alberto Arribas, Met Office, UK
Duane Waliser, NASA/JPL, USA
Harry Hendon, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
Bart van den Hurk, KNMI, Netherlands
June-Yi Lee, Univ. of Hawaii, USA
Barbara Brown, NCAR, USA

Local Organizing Committee

Malaquias Peña. IMSG at EMC-NCEP
Yuejian Zhu. EMC-NCEP
Jin Huang. CPC-NCEP
Emily Becker. CPC-NCEP
Arun Kumar. CPC-NCEP
Renee Tatusko. IAO-NWS
Mary Hart. IMSG at EMC-NCEP
Sheree Link. IMSG at EMC-NCEP