NOAA THORPEX Science Planning Meeting on Weather-Climate Links

27 April, 2006
Camp Springs, MD
Room 209
Breakout groups in rooms 505, 701, 802

    Draft Meeting Summary


    Our meeting will follow the outline of Section 9 in the international THORPEX Implementation Plan (TIP), and focus on the following areas:
        a)    Coordinate development of observing systems for weather and climate prediction
        b)   Develop unified weather-climate data assimilation and prediction systems
        c)   Develop tools for seamless socio-economic applications of weather and climate forecasts
    For further details, see the p. 41-45 of the TIP document at:

     Additional information on THORPEX links to climate can be found on p. 6-12 of the THORPEX International Science Plan:

    By the end of the meeting the participants will have devised a list of open science questions, that if solved during the course of THORPEX (in the next 8-9 years), they believe would contribute most to the development of a unified weather-climate numerical forecast system, leading to improvements in both weather and climate prediction with positive effects especially in the 10-60 day time range. 

    The results of the meeting will be used to formulate a new section on weather-climate linkages in the NOAA THORPEX Science and Implementation Plan, to include science questions, research and development tasks, and implementation related issues. The focus areas in the NOAA THORPEX program related to 1-14 day weather forecasting (see
Science and Implementation Plan  at were developed at a meeting similar to this one, held in 2003 at NCEP.


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