BUFRLIB Software User Guide

This document set describes how to use the NCEP BUFRLIB software to encode or decode BUFR messages. It is not intended to be a primer on the BUFR code form itself; rather, for that there are several good alternative resources available such as the Guide to WMO Table-Driven Code Forms, which provides a good, basic layman's introduction, or even the WMO Manual #306 itself, which, although it is more of a technical document and thus contains all of the minute details and regulations, is nevertheless the "official" documentation of the BUFR code form. Therefore, throughout this document set, we will assume at least some background knowledge of the basic concepts of BUFR and will focus solely on how to use the BUFRLIB software to encode or decode data from this code form.

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Table of Contents

The NCEP BUFRLIB software is freely available, subject to the terms of the usual NWS disclaimer, and is downloadable as a UNIX tarfile. After downloading and unpacking this tarfile (via "tar xvf"), read and follow the instructions in the extracted file "README_BUFRLIB" in order to compile the software:

Download NCEP BUFRLIB Software

If you are a current user of our software, you can also view our change history logs:

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5/21/2019 Version 11.3.0
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6/11/2012 Version 10.1.0
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8/12/2010 Version 10.0.0

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