Review of the NCEP Production Suite:

December 3-4, 2018


Monday, December 3
0900-0920 Welcome & Connecting UFS Modeling Strategy to the 2017 Weather Act
Dave Novak, Neil Jacobs    (recording)
0920-0940 Review of 2017 NPSR Action Items
V. Tallapragada,   J. Levit    (recording)
 0940-1005 EMC Strategic Overview: B. Gross    (recording)
1005-1035 Break 
1035-1125 NCEP Centers Perspective:  WPC, SPC, OPC, NHC, CPC, AWC     (recording)
1125-1210 NWS Regional SSD Perspective, Q&A with Centers/Regions      (recording)
1210-1310 Lunch
 1310-1320 Global Modeling Update:  V. Tallapragada   (recording)
1320-1330 Physics Update:  J. Kain       (recording)
1330-1340 Data Assimilation Update:  R. Treadon  (recording)
1340-1350 Verification Update:  J. Levit    (recording)
1350-1400 Coupled Modeling Update:  A. Chawla   (recording)
1400-1415 Q&A with Branch Chiefs      (recording
 1415-1425 MDL Update:  D. Ruth   (recording)
 1425-1435 OWP Update:  B. Cosgrove    (recording)
 1435-1445 NOS Update:  C. Lindley    (recording)
 1445-1500 Q&A with MDL, NOS, OWP    (recording)
 1500-1530 Break 
 1530-1540 Breakout Sessions Introduction    (recording)
 1540-1550 Production Suite Consolidation:  V. Tallapragada     (recording)
 1550-1730 BREAKOUT #1: How to Sunset the NAM/SREF/RAP  Reports    (recording)
Tuesday, December 4
0830-0840 Introduction to Breakout #2:  J. Levit  (recording)
0840-1020 BREAKOUT #2: Parameter, Product, & Verification Needs  Reports  (recording)
 1020-1045 Break
 1045-1120 NBM Project Update + Discussion: J. Craven   (recording
 1120-1140 NOAA-NCAR MoA:  H. Tolman         (recording)
 1140-1210 Open Discussion:  (recording)
 1210-1310 Lunch
 1310-1320 CAM Plans:  J. Carley  (recording)
 1320-1500 BREAKOUT #3: How Should the CAM Effort Evolve?  Reports  (recording)
1500-1530 Break
1530-1540 Recap of the FV3GFS Evaluation:   G. Manikin (recording)
1540-1720 BREAKOUT #4: The Evaluation of New Models and Upgrades   Reports  (recording)
1720-1745 Meeting Wrap-Up   (recording)