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There are several files that contain output from the various NEMS regression tests some of which contain GRIB files. To convert GRIB files to GrADS-readable format, start in the directory in which your GRIB files are located. Submit the following commands to convert your GRIB file to a GrADS index file (*.idx) and a GrADS readable file (*.ctl). It may be wise to set up an alias in your .bashrc file for grib2ctl:

'/u/Wesley.Ebisuzaki/bin/grib2ctl.pl your.grib.file > newfile.ctl'
'gribmap -E -i newfile.ctl'

Where your.grib.file = GFSPRS.GrbF06 (or something similar) and newfile.ctl = your new GrADS readable filename. You should now be able to view your NEMS GFS output in GrADS.

Click on any output type below to display output information. The resulting lists show basic information about the output variables. More information can be found in the individual output files.