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NOAA Environmental Modeling System


Points of Contact

Documentation, experiments, web contentNicole McKee
Makefiles, scripts, launcherEdward Colon
NEMSIO, post, configurationJun Wang
Upgrades, regression, atmos couplingRatko Vasic
Ensemble, earth coupling, ESMFWeiyu Yang
GFS postHui-ya Chuang
NAM developmentTom Black
Dusan Jovic
Jim Abeles
GFS developmentS Moorthi
Henry Juang
Land developmentJesse Meng
Jim Geiger
GOCART developmentSarah Lu
FIM developmentTom Henderson
Jim Rosinski

Presentation Archives

The NOAA Environmental Modeling System at NCEP - Mark Iredell and Tom Black - AMS Conference on NWP - January 27, 2011


Black, T., M. Iredell, and H-M.H. Juang, 2009: The NOAA environmental modeling system at NCEP. Preprints of the 19th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction, Omaha, NE, American Meteorological Society.

Savenkov, Roman (2008). How to Become a Software Tester. Roman Savenkov Consulting. p. 386. ISBN 978-0-615-23372-7.