UK Met Office JULES land model for weather and climate models

Martin Best
UK Met Office
10 am May 12 in Room 2890

JULES (the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator; is a community land surface model that has evolved from the Met Office Surface Exchange Scheme (MOSES).  It is used both as a standalone model and as the land surface component in the Met Office Unified Model.  JULES is a core component of both the Met Office's modelling infrastructure and NERC's Earth System Modelling Strategy, and hence is continually improving, placing it firmly at the cutting edge of land surface modelling.  By allowing different land surface processes (surface energy balance, hydrological cycle, carbon cycle, dynamic vegetation, etc.) to interact with each other, JULES provides a framework to assess the impact of modifying a particular process on the ecosystem as a whole, e.g. the impact of climate change on hydrology, and to study potential feedbacks.  JULES is available to any researcher, free of charge. This has led to a large and diverse community from across the globe, using JULES to study land surface processes on a wide variety of temporal and spacial scales.