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Joint OSSE is the international effort for collaborative OSSEs, where many centers share the same Nature Runs (NRs) to conduct OSSEs with different data assimilation systems. Verification of the NR and simulation of observations consumes a significant amount of resources. If the same NRs are used the results can be compared and the performance of reliable OSSEs will be faster.

New 7km resolution Nature run G5NR

The GEOS-5 Nature Run (Ganymed release) is a 2-year global, non-hydrostatic mesoscale simulation for the period 2005-2006. In addition to standard meteorological parameters (wind, temperature, moisture, surface pressure), this simulation includes 15 aerosol tracers (dust, seasalt, sulfate, black and organic carbon), O3, CO and CO2. This model simulation is driven by prescribed sea-surface temperature and sea-ice, daily volcanic and biomass burning emissions, as well as high-resolution inventories of anthropogenic sources.

Joint OSSE since 2006 with T511 ECMWF Nature run

Observing System Simulation Experiments: Justifying new Arctic Observation Capabilities
NCEP note 473
based on the White paper on OSSE Optimized Modelling submitted to the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS), Vancouver, Canada (April 30 to May 2, 2013)    

Progress (February 2012) Simulated observation

Progress (June 2011)

ECMWF Joint OSSE Nature runs
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