Plotting QPF Verification Scores Using METviewer
Database: mv_ylin_pcp, mv_ylin_pcp_erly

Currently the above server is only accessible from within the NCED firewall.

Both databases are now loaded daily by an unattended cron job. mv_ylin_pcp is loaded for daym9 and includes 6h FSS. mv_ylin_pcp_erly is loaded for daym2 and does not include 6h FSS.

In database mv_ylin_pcp:

In database mv_ylin_pcp_erly:

Due to disk space limitations on the METviewer server, the databases has been sharply curtailed. Currently only a small subset of precip VSDBs have been loaded.

Note on 2018/09/27: on 09/25 we had an emergency situation on the EMC METviewer server. To help with the MySQL repair, I deleted mv_ylin_pcp and rebuilt it on 09/27 with fewer models and only go back to Jun 2017.

Contact me (Ying[dot]Lin[at]noaa[dot]gov) if you'd like other precip VSDBs loaded into either database.

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