Plotting QPF Verification Scores Using METviewer
Database: mv_ylin_pcp, mv_ylin_pcp_erly

Currently the above server is only accessible from within the NCED firewall.

In database mv_ylin_pcp:

Data loaded once a week or so. Latest possible verifying date is daym9, because the 6h FSS is done each day for daym9 in order to use the final CCPA analysis. Models currently in this database include FV3GFS, GFS, NAM, CONUSNEST, RAP, HRRR, HREF, going back to 1 June 2017.

In database mv_ylin_pcp_erly:
From 1 Oct 2017 on. Data loaded daily for daym2 by an unattended cron job (not as reliably loaded as mv_ylin_pcp, but have more timely data). Does not contain 6h FSS.

Due to disk space limitations on the METviewer server, the databases has been sharply curtailed. Currently only a small subset of precip VSDBs have been loaded.

Note on 2018/09/27: on 09/25 we had an emergency situation on the EMC METviewer server. To help with the MySQL repair, I deleted mv_ylin_pcp and rebuilt it on 09/27 with fewer models and only go back to Jun 2017.

Contact me (Ying[dot]Lin[at]noaa[dot]gov) if you'd like other precip VSDBs loaded into either database.

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