QPF Verification Scores for Global FV3 (FV3GFS) runs

Last updated: Thu Aug 16 10:20:32 UTC 2018

Scores on this page are for the past 30 days, unless otherwise noted

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6h FSS scores have a 9-day lag(using the final version of CCPA)


24h (12Z-12Z) ETS/bias:

3-hourly ConUS-average precip amount vs. fcst hour:

6-hourly fractions skill scores vs. horizontal spatial scale:
          Forecast hours
All hrs 00-06 06-12 18-24 42-48 66-72
> 2mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 5mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 10mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 20mm/6hr X X X X X X

6-hourly fractions skill scores vs. forecast hours:
          Horizontal spatial scale
< 24km < 52km < 100km
> 2mm/6hr X X X
> 5mm/6hr X X X
> 10mm/6hr X X X
> 20mm/6hr X X X

Previous months' pages
Plot scores on EMC MetViewer server (databases: mv_ylin_pcp_erly [loaded to database everyday for daym2 by a cron job, w/o 6h FSS stats] and mv_ylin_pcp [loaded manually once a week or so, 9 to 17 day time lag, with 6h FSS stats]; the FV3GFS run is model 'fv3gfs')
Daily precip fcst vs. analysis page
Monthly/month-to-date operational QPF scores page
Alicia Bentley's main FV3GFS evaluation portal
Geoff Manikin's GFS vs. FV3GFS Comparisons page
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