QPF Verification Scores for Global FV3 (FV3GFS) runs

Last updated: Wed Oct 3 09:25:31 UTC 2018

Scores on this page are for the past 30 days, unless otherwise noted
NOTICE 3 OCT 2018: daily updates to this page is suspended until Tempest drive failure is resolved. This morning's run with zero input wiped out the previous day's update so all plots on this page are empty.

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6h FSS scores have a 9-day lag(using the final version of CCPA)

Seasonal Summary


24h (12Z-12Z) ETS/bias:

3-hourly ConUS-average precip amount vs. fcst hour:

6-hourly fractions skill scores vs. horizontal spatial scale:
          Forecast hours
All hrs 00-06 06-12 18-24 42-48 66-72
> 2mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 5mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 10mm/6hr X X X X X X
> 20mm/6hr X X X X X X

6-hourly fractions skill scores vs. forecast hours:
          Horizontal spatial scale
< 24km < 52km < 100km
> 2mm/6hr X X X
> 5mm/6hr X X X
> 10mm/6hr X X X
> 20mm/6hr X X X

Previous months' pages
Plot scores on EMC MetViewer server (databases: mv_ylin_pcp_erly [loaded to database everyday for daym2 by a cron job, w/o 6h FSS stats] and mv_ylin_pcp [loaded manually once a week or so, 9 to 17 day time lag, with 6h FSS stats]; the FV3GFS run is model 'fv3gfs')
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