EMC: Eta "Tip of the Month"

Updated: August 24 1999

Are you missing detail in Eta output by looking at a grid with coarse resolution?

Geoff Manikin (Geoffrey.Manikin@noaa.gov)

Eta Low-Level Temperature Forecasts

This page shows the differences in looking at a field with much local detail on different Eta model output grids. The field is 2-meter temperature. The first plot is the grid #104 which has a resolution of 80 km. The next plot is for the same forecast (same field and time), but it is on the higher resolution grid #212 (40 km resolution). Note the far superior detail, especially over the higher terrain locations. The cooler temperatures over the Sierra Nevada mountain range of eastern California show up quite dramatically. Finally, this plot shows the same field on output grid #221 which has a resolution of 32 km. Slightly more detail than the 212 grid output is shown. (Larger differences between the 221 and 212 grids are seen for fields like 500 mb vorticity.)

If you use the AWIPS 80-km output grid, we are currently revisiting the issue of smoothing some of the fields on the grid 211. Click HERE for information.

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