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Real time forecast soundings produced by the 32km SREF members. Stations are selected upper air sites from around the country. The current forecast cycle is 09Z with graphics finished at Mon Jan 29 19:45:10 GMT 2007


Please note that these products are experimental and are not official NWS forecasts. This server may not be available at all times.

Variables found in the sounding plots:

TEMPERATURE (in degrees C) - solid red line

DEW POINT (in degrees C) - solid green line

WIND (in kts) - left column is full profile; right column is filtered to avoid overlap

Convective Indices (computed in GEMPAK) listed at the top

CAPE - Convective Available Potential Energy in J/kg

LIFT - Lifted Index in K

SWET - Sweat Index

SHOW - Showalter Index

CINS - Convective Inhibition in J/kg

TOTL - Total Totals Index

This product is experimental and is for evaluation only. The forecasts are for the nearest model grid point to the station. Send your questions or comments to geoffrey.manikin@noaa.gov