NCEP 4.0 km WRF-NMM run for SPC

The current forecast cycle is 12Z on 20141022 ; graphics finished at Wed Oct 22 20:06:22 UTC 2014

Due to computer work, this 12Z run likely will not update until 12Z on 10/25 (at the earliest!)

DISCLAIMER: While run routinely, information displayed here is considered EXPERIMENTAL. The graphics represent output from a non-operational NCEP model run, and the graphics generation and display are also non-operational. Products here may not always be available or up to date. Neither the 4.0 km model run nor the graphics generation are subject to 24x7 monitoring from NCO.

This job runs on a busy computer, so 12Z runs may become available quite late certain days.

You may wish to check out graphics produced from the operational HiresWindow

Please contact Matthew Pyle ( with questions and/or concerns about this page or the model information it is displaying.