Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Log

Experiment Name
Eta-10 Central nest with NEXRAD Winds
Parallel Slot
Control Slot
Start date of parallel experiment
12Z 2002/01/15
End date of parallel experiment
12Z 2002/04/14
Environmental Modeling Center scientists
Dave Parrish, Manuel Pondeca, Eric Rogers
Abstract (including Motivation, Hypothesis and Method)
The 10 km Central U.S. High-resolution Window Run is being used to test the impact of NEXRAD radial velocity data.
  • The Eta 3DVAR analysis is performed using the 00-h initial conditions as a first guess, using the NEXRAD radial wind velocity data. The raw data is converted into super-obs with a spatial resolution of 1 km and 6 degrees of azimuth. All NEXRAD winds within +/- 1.5 hours of the analysis time are used.
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