Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Log

NAM run using GDAS first guess instead of NDAS first guess for on-time GSI analysis. Land-states obtained from ops NDAS restart file, running same analysis/model configuration as NAMY (ops GSI with TAMDAR data, ops WRF-NMM model forecast)
Parallel Slot
Control Slot
NAMY and ops NAM
Start date of parallel experiment
00Z 2008/05/21
End date of parallel experiment
00Z 2008/07/01
Experiment changes log
Background links
Evaluation of parallel results
Daily forecast maps vs Ops NAM, NAMY
NAM,NAMR 500 mb Height Forecast vs GDAS analysis
Daily forecast stats
NAMR,NAMY Analysis Increments / Observations
Ops NAM vs NAMY vs NAMR Verification of precipitation and against rawinsondes / surface data (06/13/08-06/26/08)

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