Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Log

Experiment Name
Eta-32 with new radiance processing
Parallel Slot
Control Slot
Start date of parallel experiment
12Z 2002/03/06
End date of parallel experiment
00Z 2002/06/03
Environmental Modeling Center scientists
Dave Parrish, Manuel Pondeca, Eric Rogers
Abstract (including Motivation, Hypothesis and Method)
The Eta-32 is being used to test the impact of new TOVS/GOES radiance processing in the Eta 3DVAR analysis assimilation
  • The radiance processing code has been upgraded to the final global analysis version which is about to be implemented in operations. Key additions include a new land surface emissivity calculation, which allows for use of more observations over land, and the turning on of NOAA 16 HIRS data.
  • Since the new radiance processing has the new land surface emissivity calculation, GOES moisture channels over land are usable. Therefore, assimilation of GOES precipitable water data over land has been turned off.
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