Eta-32 with GOES cloud top pressure assimilation Eta-32 with assimilation of GOES cloud top data "

Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Log

Experiment Name
Eta-32 with GOES cloud top pressure assimilation
Parallel Slot
Control Slot
Start date of parallel experiment
12Z 2002/06/25
End date of parallel experiment
00Z 2002/07/09
Environmental Modeling Center scientists
Ying Lin, Jim Jung (NESDIS), Geoff DiMego, Brad Ferrier, Eric Rogers
The Eta-32 is being used to test assimation of GOES-8/10 cloud top pressure data in the EDAS
  • Prior to running each 3-hour EDAS segment, a pre-processing program reads in the 3-hour's worth of GOES cloud top data from the PREPBUFR file, and distributes the observations to the appropriate assimilation hour and horizontal Eta grid box.
  • During EDAS, at each physics time step and on each Eta grid where observed cloud top is available, we zero out model cloud water/cloud ice above the observed cloud top, and set the water vapor mixing ratio to no more than saturation (original value or grid-scale saturation value [w/r/t water if T > -10 C, otherwise w/r/t ice], whichever is less). At the model level closest to the observed cloud top, if the model air is sub-saturated (by an amount of delta(Qv)), the air at this level is then moistened by the amount of delta(Qv)*physDT/3600., i.e. it is moistened at a rate that would bring it to saturation in 1 hour.
  • The observed cloud top is also used as 'anchor' cloud top in precipitation assimilation, i.e. in the event that we need to create a layer of precipitating cloud, the observed cloud top is used in the cloud creation.
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