Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  North American WRF-NMM with various physics and/or analysis changes

When Who What
2008/03/12/18 Treadon, Wu
  • Turn off assimilation of NOAA-16 AMSU-A brightness temperatures due to excessive noise (also turned off in ops NDAS/NAM)
  • 2008/02/28/12 Mabe
  • NCO parallel switched back to mist, cycled NDASX restarted from EMC parallel (NDASEXP)
  • 2008/02/27/18 Mabe
  • Due to mist system problems, NCO parallel switched to dew and restarted from EMC parallel (NDASEXP)
  • 2008/01/15/00 Rogers, Mabe
  • First run of real-time NCO parallel NDAS/NAM on mist, NDAS on mist restarted from EMC parallel (NDASEXP) on dew at 18z 14 January 2008.
  • Due to a script error, the assimilation of AIRS data, intended to be part of this NAM change package, was inadvertently turned off.