Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  Eta-32 with changes to the Eta land-surface physics, bias adjustment of multi-sensor precipitation analyses using daily gauge data, and the assimilation of GOES-12 radiances

When Who What
2004/2/27/00 Y. Lin, Rogers
  • ADJPPT2.F is changed so that we do NOT increase cloud ice proportionally when Pobs > Pmod. The old set up can lead to excess build-up of CWM. Changed in all 32km parallel runs.
  • 2004/2/17/12 Rogers
  • Discovered that ETAV (32-km control) was not using GOES-12 radinaces, while ETAY aand ETAL were. GOES-12 weas turned on in ETAV and ETAY, ETAL were restarted from ETAV EDAS.
  • 2004/02/13/12 Ek, Mitchell, Rogers
  • Included zenith angle fix (valid at top of the hour) in RADTN; removed erroneous version of this fix in CHKOUT (Both also changes in ETAV control)
  • Removed use average temperature of the lowest 2 atmos levels (above the surface) in the longwave radiation adjustment
  • Changes to subroutines MIXLEN and PRODQ2 which removes mixing length limits under stable conditions -- should increase (downward) turbulent heat mixing in stable conditions.
  • Subroutine SFCDIF was changed : For the profile functions for the very stable boundary layer (z/L=>1), impose a consistent limit on z0/L.
  • ETAV control upgraded to use Mar 2004 version of the ops Eta model, including bias adjustment of precip analyses, use of precip type from microphysics in LSM.
  • EDAS restarted from ETAV control
  • 2003/12/18/12 Ek, Mitchell
  • Changes to two parameters (SNUP, SALP) in the snow-cover fraction formulation so as to decrease snow cover fraction (and hence decrease snow albedo) for a given snowdepth (given snow water equivalent) below a (now higher) threshhold for the snowdepth.
  • Diurnally adjusted surface albedo fed to Noah LSM model
  • 2003/12/01/12 H.-M. Lin, Ferrier
  • A minor bug in determining the cloud amounts and the cloud-base levels in the longwave calculations was corrected for clouds at the ground (i.e., fog).
  • 2003/12/01/12 Y. Lin
  • "Inflation" of the hourly multi-sensor precipitation analyses now performed in the budget history calculation step instead of inside the forecast model, and the inflation factor was reduced from 1.2 to 1.1
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