Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  Eta-32 with new radiance processing and modified cloud microphysics, EDAS precipitation assimilation, gauge adjustment of Stage IV precip analyses

When Who What
2003/08/26/12 Ferrier, Y.Lin, H.-M. Lin, Rogers
  • Turned bias adjustment of precip analyses on, restarted parallel from 32-km control.
  • New radiation was accidently turned off when new convection was added on 8/13, so forecast code was recompiled with new radiation, new convection, and bias adjustment of precip analyses.
  • 2003/08/20/00 Ferrier Changed deficit saturation pressures (DSP's) back to ops values instead of equal to zero.
    2003/08/13/12 Ferrier Added modified BMJ convective parameterization scheme.

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