Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  Eta-12 with minor change to the Eta land-surface physics, bias adjustment of multi-sensor precipitation analyses using daily gauge data, and the assimilation of GOES-12 radiances

When Who What
2004/2/27/00 Y. Lin, Rogers
  • ADJPPT2.F is changed so that we do NOT increase cloud ice proportionally when Pobs > Pmod. The old set up can lead to excess build-up of CWM.
  • Restarted EDAS cycle from operational 12-km EDAS
  • 2004/2/13/12 P. Lee, Rogers
  • Fixed bug in QUILT in which the AKH1HR array was in the wrong location in the "DECOAL" loop, which corrupted this array and all arrays in the restart file after the location of the error.
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