Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  Eta-32 with winter 2005 Eta change package and mods to ops radiation

When Who What
2004/12/08/00 Bender, Keyser, Rogers
  • Revert back to ops radial wind data due to 75-85% of the Level 2.5 supob reports in /dcom/us007003/*/b006/xx002 having a missing superob longitude (SUPLON) and a superob latitude (SUPLAT) equal to 65.530 (for every report with a missing SUPLON). It appears that something is corrupt in the incoming Level 2.5 raw files from which SUPLAT and SUPLON are generated.
  • 2004/12/03/00 Ek, Mitchell
  • Added the effects of snow emissivity in the calculation of effective snow-ground sfc temperature. This was done by changing the value from 1.0 to 0.9.
  • 2004/12/01/00 Ferrier
  • Modified the longwave and shortwave absorption coefficients for ice to be the same as the operational eta.
  • Minor change in the order that solar zenith angle is called at the beginning of the radiation driver.
  • 2004/11/20/00 Ferrier
  • Modified its configuration to be the same as what's running in the EtaY, except that the cloud microphysics changes are removed - i.e., cloud droplet number concentrations are assumed to be 100 /cm**3 (an autoconversion threshold of 0.419 g/m**3) and maximum ice particle number concentrations are 10 per liter.
  • 2004/11/18/12 Ferrier
  • Revert back to ops Eta values for the cloud water absorption coefficients.
  • EDAS cycle started from ETAY control
  • 2004/11/17/12 Ferrier
  • Reduced cloud water absorption coefficients by 25% from ETAY values to permit slightly higher incoming solar radiation, to try to reduce cool/moist bias in Eastern US and Alaska 2-m variables.
  • EDAS cycle started from ETAY control
  • Page Last Modified: November 17, 2004