NCEP HiResWindow Forecast Page

The NCEP High-Resolution Window Forecast System (HIRESW) consists of daily runs of the WRF versions of the non-hydrostatic, hybrid vertical coordinate mesoscale model (NMM) and the NCAR Advanced Research WRF (ARW) at ~4 km resolution. All runs use the NCEP Global Forecast Model (GFS) for initial and boundary conditions, except for the CONUS run which uses the Rapid Refresh (RAP) analysis for initial conditions. Currently, five domains are being run, two large domains (CONUS, Alaska) and three small domains (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam). This is the current schedule:

0000Z : CONUS, Hawaii, Guam

0600Z : Alaska, Puerto Rico

1200Z : CONUS, Hawaii, Guam

1800Z : Alaska, Puerto Rico

Click here for a display of the areal coverage of each regional HIRESW domain

Modifications to the HiResWindow runs are described in the EMC Mesoscale Branch's documentation of model changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE : As of 9/19/2013, preemption of the HIRESW run by the NCEP hurricane model runs has been suspended. During the 2014 hurricane season, NCEP is not planning to reinstate the preemption of HIRESW runs, but in subsequent years NCEP may need to resume preemption based on resources in the NCEP Production Suite.

HIRESW Graphics:

CONUS; cycle = 2014082300

Alaska; cycle = 2014082306

Hawaii; cycle = 2014082312

Puerto Rico; cycle = 2014082306

Guam ; cycle = 2014082312

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