NCEP NAM CONUS Graphics - NAM Forecasts vs RTMA Analyses

This page is a comparison of the operational 12-km NAM and 4-km NAM CONUS Nest forecast from 12Z 16 SEP 2012 and the best available Real-time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) valid at the same time.

NOTE : For sea level pressure/850 mb/500 mb/250 mb and all cloud-related fields, the best available NDAS 00-h field is displayed


DISCLAIMER : This web page is not "operational" and therefore not subject to 24-h monitoring by NCEP's Central Operations staff.

For more info on the NAM runs, email Eric Rogers at or Geoff DiMego at

Get the ops NAM vs RTMA comparison graphics for the previous 7 days here (link opens a new window):

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