NCEP HiResWindow (HIRESW) Runs - Hawaii Domain

The current forecast cycle is 00Z 27 MAY 2016 ; graphics finished at Fri May 27 08:18:03 UTC 2016

When any forecast hour button on the left is activated, the following maps will be displayed:

  • Upper left : Hawaii HIRESW NEMS-NMMB Run (HINMM)
  • Upper right : Hawaii HIRESW WRF-ARW Run (HIARW)
  • Lower left : Operational North American Meso 3 km Hawaii Nest (NAM3KM)
  • DISCLAIMER : This web page is not "operational" and therefore not subject to 24-h monitoring by NCEP's Central Operations staff.

    For more info on the HIRESW runs, email Eric Rogers at or Geoff DiMego at