NAM Fire Weather High Resolution Nested Runs

RUN IS FROM 18Z 11/18/2018

This page will show selected fields from the 18Z 11/18/2018 NAM High Resolution "Fire Weather" nested run. This nest runs inside either NAM CONUS or Alaska nest. It runs to 36-h and has a horizontal resolution of 1.5 km.

Please note : This web page is not operational and therefore not subject to 24-h monitoring to ensure that it runs routinely. Additionally, these graphics will be unavailable during periods when the NCEP development computer is down. If you have any questions please email Eric Rogers at

Parameter 18Z 11/18/2018 Run
Latitude/Longitude of Center 34.4, -117.4
Highways X
Haines Index X
Ventilation Rate X
Transport Wind, Terrain Height X
PBL Height X
PBL Height (Based on Richardson Number X
1-H Minimum Relative Humidity, 10-m Wind X
Sea-level Pressure, 1-h Accumulated Precip, 10-m Wind X
1-h Accumulated Precip (in) X
1-h Accumulated Snow (in) X
Categorical Precipitation Type X
Percent Frozen Precipitation X
Lowest Model Level Rime Factor X
Snow Depth (in) X
Snow Depth from F00 (in) X
Composite Radar Reflectivity X
1000 m AGL Radar Reflectivity X
1-h Maximum 1000 m AGL Radar Reflectivity X
300 MB Most Unstable CAPE X
Maximum 1-h Updraft Vertical Velocity X
Maximum 1-h Downdraft Vertical Velocity X
Maximum 2-5 km Updraft Helicity X
Maximum 1-h 10-m Wind X
Shelter (2-m) Temperature X
Shelter (2-m) Dew Point Temperature X
Shelter (2-m) Relative Humidity X
Terrain Height, 10-m Wind X
10-m Wind Speed X
10-m Wind Speed Gust X
Total Column Precipitable Water X
Total Column Condensate X
925 mb Height, Wind X
850 mb Height, Temperature X
700 mb Height, RH X
500 mb Height, Wind X
250 mb Height, Wind X
250 mb Wind Speed X
12-H Accumulated Precipitation X
24-H Accumulated Precipitation X
36-H Accumulated Precipitation X