Available products for the 00 Z cycle on 07-04-2001

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Surface Verification for 725620

Surface Verification for 725315

Surface Verification for 727680

Surface Verification for 723570

Sounding Verification for 72562

Sounding Verification for 74560

Sounding Verification for 72768

Sounding Verification for 72357

ANALYSIS Sounding Verification for 72357

Radiation Flux Traces for 725620

Precip/Heat Flux Traces for 725620

Soil Traces for 725620

Radiation Flux Traces for 725315

Precip/Heat Flux Traces for 725315

Soil Traces for 725315

Radiation Flux Traces for 727680

Precip/Heat Flux Traces for 727680

Soil Traces for 727680

Radiation Flux Traces for 723570

Precip/Heat Flux Traces for 723570

Soil Traces for 723570