Table 2. NCEP production suite schedule for those networks which originate with a dump of observational data (last revised 08/08/2016) (note: may not be totally correct yet ...).


     DUMP:   rap_dump_ehrrr_
CC - triggered at CC16 UTC
     (will be used by future HRRRv3)

     DUMP:   rap_dump_erly_12
     - triggered at 1226 UTC
     DPOST:  rap_dump_post_erly_12 - triggered by rap_dump_erly_12
     PREP:   rap_prep_erly_12      - triggered by rap_dump_erly_12
     PPOST:  rap_prep_post_erly_12 - triggered by rap_prep_erly_12
     HRANAL: hrrr_analysis_12
     - triggered by hrrr_forecastpre_12

13-23Z RAP (CC=13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23):
     DUMP:   rap_dump_CC      - triggered at CC26 UTC
     DPOST:  rap_dump_post_CC - triggered by rap_dump_CC
     PREP:   rap_prep_CC      - triggered by rap_dump_CC
     ANAL:   rap_analysis_CC  - triggered by rap_process_hydro_CC 
     HRANAL: hrrr_analysis_CC - triggered by hrrr_forecastpre_CC   
     PPOST:  rap_prep_post_CC - triggered by rap_analysis_CC
     FCST:   rap_forecast_
CC  - triggered by rap_updatebc_CC

12-23Z RTMA (CC=12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23):
     DUMP:  rtma_dump_CC      - triggered at CC30 UTC
     DPOST: rtma_dump_post_
CC - triggered by rtma_dump_CC
     PREP:  rtma_prep_
CC      - triggered by rtma_dump_CC
     PPOST: rtma_prep_post_CC - triggered by rtma_prep_CC
     GESS:  rtma_getguess_CC  - triggered by rtma_prep_CC
     ANAL:  rtma_gsianal_CC   - triggered by rtma_getguess_CC
     APOST: rtma_post_CC      - triggered by rtma_gsianal_CC

12-23Z DUMP (CC=12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23):
     DUMP: dump_monitor_CC - triggered at CC30 UTC

12Z RAP:
     DUMP:  rap_dump_12      - triggered at 1258 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_12 - triggered by rap_dump_12
     PREP:  rap_prep_12      - triggered by rap_dump_12
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_12  - triggered by rap_process_hydro_12    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post_12 - triggered by rap_analysis_12
     FCST:  rap_forecast_
12  - triggered by rap_updatebc_12

12Z NAM:
     DUMP2:  nam_dump2_12           - triggered at 1310 UTC (changed from 1315 UTC on 4/10/2007)
                                      (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY: nam_tropcy_qc_reloc_12 -
triggered at 1310 UTC (changed from 1315 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   nam_dump_12            - triggered at 1315 UTC
     DPOST:  nam_dump_post_12       - triggered by nam_dump_12 and nam_dump2_12
     PREP:   nam_prep_12            - triggered by nam_dump_12, nam_dump2_12 and nam_tropcy_qc_reloc_12
     ANAL:   nam_analysis_12        - triggered by nam_prep_12 and and ndas_forecast_tm03_12

     PPOST:  nam_prep_post_12       - triggered by nam_analysis_12
     FCST:   nam_forecast_12        - triggered by nam_analysis_12

12Z GFS:      
     TROPCY: gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_12 -
triggered at 1441 UTC (changed from 1446 UTC on 7/26/2011)
DUMP:   gfs_dump_12            - triggered at 1446 UTC
     DPOST:  gfs_dump_post_12       - triggered by gfs_dump_12

     PREP:   gfs_prep_12            - triggered by gfs_dump_12 and gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_12
     ANAL:   gfs_analysis_12        - triggered by gfs_prep_12
     PPOST:  gfs_prep_post_12       - triggered by gfs_analysis_12
     FCSTH:  gfs_forecast_high_12   - triggered by gfs_analysis_12
     FCSTL:  gfs_forecast_low_12    - triggered by gfs_forecast_high_12

     DUMP:   cdas_dump_00       - triggered at 1610 UTC
     DPOST:  cdas_dump_post_00  - triggered by cdas_dump_00
     PREP1:  cdas_prep1_00      - triggered by cdas_dump_00
     PPOST1: cdas_prep1_post_00 - triggered by cdas_prep1_00
1: cdas_prep2_00      - triggered by cdas_prep1_00
     ANAL:   cdas_00            - triggered by cdas_prep2_00
     PPOST2: cdas_prep2_post_00 - triggered by cdas_00

1 - The center time for the PREP2 job is 00Z 24-hours previous to the current day.

18Z NDAS (HH=12,09,06):
     DUMP:        ndas_dump_tmHH_18         - triggered at 1640 UTC
  ndas_dump2_tmHH_18        - triggered at 1640 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1:     ndas_tropcy_reloc_tmHH_18 - triggered at 1640 UTC
     DPOST:       ndas_dump_post_tmHH_18    - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_18 and 
     PREP:        ndas_prep_tmHH_18         - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_18, ndas_dump2_tmHH_18
     ANALtm12:    ndas_analysis_tm12_18     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm12_18
     PPOSTtm12:   ndas_prep_post_tm12_18    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_18
     FCSTtm12:    ndas_forecast_tm12_18     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_18
     ANALtm09:    ndas_analysis_tm09_18     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm09_18 and ndas_forecast_tm12_18
     PPOSTtm09:   ndas_prep_post_tm09_18    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_18
     FCSTtm09:    ndas_forecast_tm09_18     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_18
     ANALtm06:    ndas_analysis_tm06_18     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm06_18 and ndas_forecast_tm09_18
     PPOSTtm06:   ndas_prep_post_tm06_18    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_18
     FCSTtm06:    ndas_forecast_tm06_18     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_18
     DUMPtm03:    ndas_dump_tm03_18         - triggered at 1700 UTC
MP2tm03:   ndas_dump2_tm03_18        - triggered at 1700 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1tm03: ndas_tropcy_reloc_
tm03_18 - triggered at 1700 UTC
     DPOSTtm03:   ndas_dump_post_tm03_18    - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_18 and
     PREPtm03:    ndas_prep_tm03_18         - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_18, ndas_dump2_tm03_18
     ANALtm03:    ndas_analysis_tm03_18     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm03_18 and ndas_forecast_tm06_18
     PPOSTtm03:   ndas_prep_post_tm03_18    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_18
     FCSTtm03:    ndas_forecast_tm03_18     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_18
2:    ndas_tropcy_qc_18         - triggered at 2200 UTC
2 - This generates q.c.'d tcvitals files centered on 18 and 21Z which are later by next runs of  00Z NDAS (tm06 and tm03) and by 06Z NDAS (tm12 and tm09).

12Z GDAS:     
     TROPCY: gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_12 - triggered at 1745 UTC (changed from 1750 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gdas_dump_12            - triggered at 1750 UTC
     DPOST:  gdas_dump_post_12       - triggered by gdas_dump_12
     PREP:   gdas_prep_12            - triggered by gdas_dump_12 and  gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_12
     ANALH:  gdas_analysis_high_12   - triggered by gdas_prep_12 
     PPOST:  gdas_prep_post_12       - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_12
 gdas_analysis_low_12    - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_12 
     FCSTH:  gdas_forecast_high_12   - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_12
     FCSTL:  gdas_forecast_low_12    - triggered by gdas_analysis_low_12 and gdas_forecast_high_12

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_15      - triggered at 1900 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_15 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_15
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_15      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_15
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_15  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_15    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_15 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_15
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_15  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_15

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_16      - triggered at 1900 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_16 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_16
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_16      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_16
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_16  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_16 and rap_forecast_pcyc_15    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_16 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_16
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_16  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_16

18Z NAM:
     DUMP2:  nam_dump2_18           - triggered at 1910 UTC
(changed from 1915 UTC on 4/10/2007)
                                      (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY: nam_tropcy_qc_reloc_18 -
triggered at 1910 UTC (changed from 1915 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   nam_dump_18            - triggered at 1915 UTC

     DPOST:  nam_dump_post_18       - triggered by nam_dump_18 and nam_dump2_18
     PREP:   nam_prep_18            - triggered by nam_dump_18, nam_dump2_18 and
     ANAL:   nam_analysis_18        - triggered by nam_prep_18 and and ndas_forecast_tm03_18
     PPOST:  nam_prep_post_18       - triggered by nam_analysis_18
     FCST:   nam_forecast_18        - triggered by nam_analysis_18

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_17      - triggered at 2000 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_17 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_17
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_17      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_17
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_17  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_17 and rap_forecast_pcyc_16    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_17 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_17
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_17  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_17

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_18      - triggered at 2000 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_18 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_18
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_18      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_18
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_18  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_18 and rap_forecast_pcyc_17    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_18 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_18
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_18  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_18

18Z GFS:
     TROPCY: gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_18 - triggered at 2041 UTC (changed from 2047 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gfs_dump_18            - triggered at 2047 UTC
     DPOST:  gfs_dump_post_18       - triggered by gfs_dump_18
     PREP:   gfs_prep_18            - triggered by gfs_dump_18 and  gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_18
     ANAL:   gfs_analysis_18        - triggered by gfs_prep_18
     PPOST:  gfs_prep_post_18       - triggered by gfs_analysis_18
     FCSTH:  gfs_forecast_high_18   - triggered by gfs_analysis_18
     FCSTL:  gfs_forecast_low_18    - triggered by gfs_forecast_high_18

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_19      - triggered at 2100 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_19 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_19
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_19      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_19
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_19  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_19 and rap_forecast_pcyc_18    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_19 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_19
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_19  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_19

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_20      - triggered at 2100 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_20 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_20
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_20      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_20
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_20  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_20 and rap_forecast_pcyc_19    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_20 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_20
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_20  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_20

     DUMP:   cdas_dump_06       - triggered at 2210 UTC
     DPOST:  cdas_dump_post_06  - triggered by cdas_dump_06
     PREP1:  cdas_prep1_06      - triggered by cdas_dump_06
     PPOST1: cdas_prep1_post_06 - triggered by cdas_prep1_06
3: cdas_prep2_06      - triggered by cdas_prep1_06
     ANAL:   cdas_06            - triggered by cdas_prep2_06
     PPOST2: cdas_prep2_post_06 - triggered by cdas_06

3 - The center time for the PREP2 job is 00Z 24-hours previous to the current day.

00Z NDAS (HH=12,09,06):

     DUMP:        ndas_dump_tmHH_00         - triggered at 2240 UTC
DUMP2:       ndas_dump2_tmHH_00        - triggered at 2240 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1:     ndas_tropcy_reloc_tmHH_00 - triggered at 2240 UTC
     DPOST:       ndas_dump_post_tmHH_00    - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_00 and
     PREP:        ndas_prep_tmHH_00         - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_00, ndas_dump2_tmHH_00
     ANALtm12:    ndas_analysis_tm12_00     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm12_00
     PPOSTtm12:   ndas_prep_post_tm12_00    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_00
     FCSTtm12:    ndas_forecast_tm12_00     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_00
     ANALtm09:    ndas_analysis_tm09_00     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm09_00 and ndas_forecast_tm12_00
     PPOSTtm09:   ndas_prep_post_tm09_00    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_00
     FCSTtm09:    ndas_forecast_tm09_00     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_00
     ANALtm06:    ndas_analysis_tm06_00     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm06_00 and ndas_forecast_tm09_00
     PPOSTtm06:   ndas_prep_post_tm06_00    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_00
     FCSTtm06:    ndas_forecast_tm06_00     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_00
     DUMPtm03:    ndas_dump_tm03_00         - triggered at 2300 UTC
DUMP2tm03:   ndas_dump2_tm03_00        - triggered at 2300 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1tm03: ndas_tropcy_reloc_
tm03_00 - triggered at 2300 UTC
     DPOSTtm03:   ndas_dump_post_tm03_00    - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_00 and
     PREPtm03:    ndas_prep_tm03_00         - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_00, ndas_dump2_tm03_00
  ndas_analysis_tm03_00     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm03_00 and ndas_forecast_tm06_00
     PPOSTtm03:   ndas_prep_post_tm03_00    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_00
     FCSTtm03:    ndas_forecast_tm03_00     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_00
4:    ndas_tropcy_qc_00         - triggered at 0400 UTC
4 - This generates q.c.'d tcvitals files centered on 00 and 03Z which are later used by next runs of 06Z NDAS (tm06 and tm03) and 12Z NDAS (tm12 and tm09).

     TROPCY: gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_18 - triggered at 2345 UTC (changed from 2350 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gdas_dump_18            - triggered at 2350 UTC    
     DPOST:  gdas_dump_post_18       - triggered by gdas_dump_18

     PREP:   gdas_prep_18            - triggered by gdas_dump_18 and gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_18
     ANALH:  gdas_analysis_high_18   - triggered by gdas_prep_18 
     PPOST:  gdas_prep_post_18       - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_18
 gdas_analysis_low_18    - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_18 
     FCSTH:  gdas_forecast_high_18   - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_18
     FCSTL:  gdas_forecast_low_18    - triggered by gdas_analysis_low_18 and gdas_forecast_high_18




     DUMP:   rap_dump_ehrrr_CC - triggered at CC16 UTC
     (will be used by future HRRRv3)

     DUMP:   rap_dump_erly_00
     - triggered at 0026 UTC
     DPOST:  rap_dump_post_erly_00 - triggered by rap_dump_erly_00
     PREP:   rap_prep_erly_00      - triggered by rap_dump_erly_00
     PPOST:  rap_prep_post_erly_00 - triggered by rap_prep_erly_00
     HRANAL: hrrr_analysis_00      - triggered by hrrr_forecastpre_00

01-11Z RAP (
     DUMP:   rap_dump_CC      - triggered at CC26 UTC
     DPOST:  rap_dump_post_CC - triggered by rap_dump_CC
     PREP:   rap_prep_
CC      - triggered by rap_dump_CC
     ANAL:   rap_analysis_
CC  - triggered by rap_process_hydro_CC
     HRANAL: hrrr_analysis_CC - triggered by hrrr_forecastpre_CC
     PPOST:  rap_prep_post_CC - triggered by rap_analysis_CC
     FCST:   rap_forecast_
CC  - triggered by rap_updatebc_CC

 00-11Z RTMA (CC=00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11):
     DUMP:  rtma_dump_CC      - triggered at CC30 UTC
     DPOST: rtma_dump_post_
CC - triggered by rtma_dump_CC
     PREP:  rtma_prep_
CC      - triggered by rtma_dump_CC
     PPOST: rtma_prep_post_CC - triggered by rtma_prep_CC
     GESS:  rtma_getguess_CC  - triggered by rtma_prep_CC
     ANAL:  rtma_gsianal_CC   - triggered by rtma_getguess_CC
     APOST: rtma_post_CC      - triggered by rtma_gsianal_CC

00-11Z DUMP (CC=00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11):
     DUMP: dump_monitor_CC - triggered at CC30 UTC

00Z RAP:
     DUMP:  rap_dump_00      - triggered at 0058 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_00 - triggered by rap_dump_00
     PREP:  rap_prep_00      - triggered by rap_dump_00
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_00  - triggered by rap_process_hydro_00    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post_00 - triggered by rap_analysis_00
     FCST:  rap_forecast_
00  - triggered by rap_updatebc_00

00Z NAM:
     DUMP2:  nam_dump2_00           - triggered at 0110 UTC
(changed from 0115 UTC on 4/10/2007)
                                      (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY: nam_tropcy_qc_reloc_00 -
triggered at 0110 UTC (changed from 0115 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   nam_dump_00            - triggered at 0115 UTC
     DPOST:  nam_dump_post_00       - triggered by nam_dump_00 and nam_dump2_00
     PREP:   nam_prep_00            - triggered by nam_dump_00, nam_dump2_00 and
     ANAL:   nam_analysis_00        - triggered by nam_prep_00 and and ndas_forecast_tm03_00
     PPOST:  nam_prep_post_00       - triggered by nam_analysis_00
     FCST:   nam_forecast_00        - triggered by nam_analysis_00

00Z GFS:
     TROPCY: gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_00 - triggered at 0241 UTC (changed from 0246 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gfs_dump_00            - triggered at 0246 UTC

     DPOST:  gfs_dump_post_00       - triggered by gfs_dump_00
     PREP:   gfs_prep_00            - triggered by gfs_dump_00 and gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_00
     ANAL:   gfs_analysis_00        - triggered by gfs_prep_00
     PPOST:  gfs_prep_post_00       - triggered by gfs_analysis_00
     FCSTH:  gfs_forecast_high_00   - triggered by gfs_analysis_00
     FCSTL:  gfs_forecast_low_00    - triggered by gfs_forecast_high_00

     DUMP:   cdas_dump_12       - triggered at 0410 UTC
     DPOST:  cdas_dump_post_12  - triggered by cdas_dump_12
     PREP1:  cdas_prep1_12      - triggered by cdas_dump_12
     PPOST1: cdas_prep1_post_12 - triggered by cdas_prep1_12
5: cdas_prep2_12      - triggered by cdas_prep1_12
     ANAL:   cdas_12            - triggered by cdas_prep2_12
     PPOST2: cdas_prep2_post_12 - triggered by cdas_12

5 - The center time for the PREP2 job is 12Z 24-hours previous to the current day.

06Z NDAS (HH=12,09,06):
     DUMP:        ndas_dump_tmHH_06         - triggered at 0440 UTC
DUMP2:       ndas_dump2_tmHH_06        - triggered at 0440 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1:     ndas_tropcy_reloc_
tmHH_06 - triggered at 0440 UTC
     DPOST:       ndas_dump_post_tmHH_06    - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_06 and
     PREP:        ndas_prep_tmHH_06         - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_06, ndas_dump2_tmHH_06
     ANALtm12:    ndas_analysis_tm12_06     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm12_06

     PPOSTtm12:   ndas_prep_post_tm12_06    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_06
     FCSTtm12:    ndas_forecast_tm12_06     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_06
     ANALtm09:    ndas_analysis_tm09_06     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm09_06 and ndas_forecast_tm12_06
     PPOSTtm09:   ndas_prep_post_tm09_06    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_06
     FCSTtm09:    ndas_forecast_tm09_06     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_06
     ANALtm06:    ndas_analysis_tm06_06     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm06_06 and ndas_forecast_tm09_06
     PPOSTtm06:   ndas_prep_post_tm06_06    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_06
     FCSTtm06:    ndas_forecast_tm06_06     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_006
     DUMPtm03:    ndas_dump_tm03_06         - triggered at 0500 UTC
DUMP2tm03:   ndas_dump2_tm03_06        - triggered at 0500 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1tm03: ndas_tropcy_reloc_
tm03_06 - triggered at 0500 UTC
     DPOSTtm03:   ndas_dump_post_tm03_06    - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_06 and
     PREPtm03:    ndas_prep_tm03_06         - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_06, ndas_dump2_tm03_06
  ndas_analysis_tm03_06     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm03_06 and ndas_forecast_tm06_06
     PPOSTtm03:   ndas_prep_post_tm03_06    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_06
     FCSTtm03:    ndas_forecast_tm03_06     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_06
6:    ndas_tropcy_qc_06         - triggered at 1000 UTC
6 - This generates q.c.'d tcvitals files centered on 06 and 09Z which are later used by next runs of 12Z NDAS (tm06 and tm03) and 18Z NDAS (tm12 and tm09).


     TROPCY: gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_00 - triggered at 0545 UTC (changed from 0550 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gdas_dump_00            - triggered at 0550 UTC
     DPOST:  gdas_dump_post_00       - triggered by gdas_dump_00
     PREP:   gdas_prep_00            - triggered by gdas_dump_00 and gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_00
     ANALH:  gdas_analysis_high_00   - triggered by gdas_prep_00 
     PPOST:  gdas_prep_post_00       - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_00
 gdas_analysis_low_00    - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_00 
     FCSTH:  gdas_forecast_high_00   - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_00
     FCSTL:  gdas_forecast_low_00    - triggered by gdas_analysis_low_00 and gdas_forecast_high_00

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_03      - triggered at 0700 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_03 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_03
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_03      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_03
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_03  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_03    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_03 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_03
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_03  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_03

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_04      - triggered at 0700 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_04 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_04
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_04      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_04
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_04  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_04 and rap_forecast_pcyc_03    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_04 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_04
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_04  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_04

06Z NAM:
     DUMP2:  nam_dump2_06           - triggered at 0710 UTC
(changed from 0715 UTC on 4/10/2007)
                                      (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY: nam_tropcy_qc_reloc_06 -
triggered at 0710 UTC (changed from 0715 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   nam_dump_06            - triggered at 0715 UTC

     DPOST:  nam_dump_post_06       - triggered by nam_dump_06 and nam_dump2_06
     PREP:   nam_prep_06            - triggered by nam_dump_06, nam_dump2_06 and
     ANAL:   nam_analysis_06        - triggered by nam_prep_06 and and ndas_forecast_tm03_06
     PPOST:  nam_prep_post_06       - triggered by nam_analysis_06
     FCST:   nam_forecast_06        - triggered by nam_analysis_06

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_05      - triggered at 0800 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_05 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_05
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_05      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_05
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_05  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_05 and rap_forecast_pcyc_04    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_05 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_05
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_05  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_05

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_06      - triggered at 0800 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_06 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_06
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_06      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_06
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_06  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_06 and rap_forecast_pcyc_05    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_06 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_06
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_06  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_06

06Z GFS:
     TROPCY: gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_06 - triggered at 0841 UTC (changed from 0847 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gfs_dump_06            - triggered at 0847 UTC
     DPOST:  gfs_dump_post_06       - triggered by gfs_dump_06
     PREP:   gfs_prep_06            - triggered by gfs_dump_06 and gfs_tropcy_qc_reloc_06
     ANAL:   gfs_analysis_06        - triggered by gfs_prep_06
     PPOST:  gfs_prep_post_06       - triggered by gfs_analysis_06
     FCSTH:  gfs_forecast_high_06   - triggered by gfs_analysis_06
     FCSTL:  gfs_forecast_low_06    - triggered by gfs_forecast_high_06

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_07      - triggered at 0900 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_07 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_07
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_07      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_07
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_07  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_07 and rap_forecast_pcyc_06    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_07 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_07
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_07  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_07

     DUMP:  rap_dump_pcyc_08      - triggered at 0900 UTC
     DPOST: rap_dump_post_pcyc_08 - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_08
     PREP:  rap_prep_pcyc_08      - triggered by rap_dump_pcyc_08
     ANAL:  rap_analysis_pcyc_08  - triggered by rap_prep_pcyc_08 and rap_forecast_pcyc_07    
     PPOST: rap_prep_post
_pcyc_08 - triggered by rap_analysis_pcyc_08
     FCST:  rap_forecast
_pcyc_08  - triggered by rap_updatebc_pcyc_08

     DUMP:   cdas_dump_18       - triggered at 1010 UTC
     DPOST:  cdas_dump_post_18  - triggered by cdas_dump_18
     PREP1:  cdas_prep1_18      - triggered by cdas_dump_18
     PPOST1: cdas_prep1_post_18 - triggered by cdas_prep1_18
7: cdas_prep2_18      - triggered by cdas_prep1_18
     ANAL:   cdas_18            - triggered by cdas_prep2_18
     PPOST2: cdas_prep2_post_18 - triggered by cdas_18

7 - The center time for the PREP2 job is 18Z 24-hours previous to the current day.

12Z NDAS (HH=12,09,06):

     DUMP:        ndas_dump_tmHH_12         - triggered at 1040 UTC
DUMP2:       ndas_dump2_tmHH_12        - triggered at 1040 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1:     ndas_tropcy_reloc_
tmHH_12 - triggered at 1040 UTC
     DPOST:       ndas_dump_post_tmHH_12    - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_12 and
     PREP:        ndas_prep_tmHH_12         - triggered by ndas_dump_tmHH_12, ndas_dump2_tmHH_12 
                                              and ndas_tropcy_reloc_tmHH_12
     ANALtm12:    ndas_analysis_tm12_12     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm12_12

     PPOSTtm12:   ndas_prep_post_tm12_12    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_12
     FCSTtm12:    ndas_forecast_tm12_12     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm12_12
     ANALtm09:    ndas_analysis_tm09_12     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm09_12 and ndas_forecast_tm12_12
     PPOSTtm09:   ndas_prep_post_tm09_12    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_12
     FCSTtm09:    ndas_forecast_tm09_12     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm09_12
     ANALtm06:    ndas_analysis_tm06_12     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm06_12 and ndas_forecast_tm09_12
     PPOSTtm06:   ndas_prep_post_tm06_12    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_12
     FCSTtm06:    ndas_forecast_tm06_12     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm06_12
     DUMPtm03:    ndas_dump_tm03_12         - triggered at 1100 UTC
  ndas_dump2_tm03_12        - triggered at 1100 UTC (dumps NEXRAD Level II radar data)
     TROPCY1tm03: ndas_tropcy_reloc_tm03_12 - triggered at 1100 UTC
     DPOSTtm03:   ndas_dump_post_tm03_12    - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_12 and ndas_dump2_tm03_12
     PREPtm03:    ndas_prep_tm03_12         - triggered by ndas_dump_tm03_12,
     ANALtm03:    ndas_analysis_tm03_12     - triggered by ndas_prep_tm03_12 and ndas_forecast_tm06_12
     PPOSTtm03:   ndas_prep_post_tm03_12    - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_12
     FCSTtm03:    ndas_forecast_tm03_12     - triggered by ndas_analysis_tm03_12
8:    ndas_tropcy_qc_12         - triggered at 1600 UTC
8 - This generates q.c.'d tcvitals files centered on 12 and 15Z which are later used by next runs of 18Z NDAS (tm06 and tm03) and 00Z NDAS (tm12 and tm09).

     TROPCY: gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_06 - triggered at 1145 UTC (changed from 1150 UTC on 7/26/2011)
     DUMP:   gdas_dump_06            - triggered at 1150 UTC
     DPOST:  gdas_dump_post_06       - triggered by gdas_dump_06
     PREP:   gdas_prep_06            - triggered by gdas_dump_06
     ANALH:  gdas_analysis_high_06   - triggered by gdas_prep_06 and gdas_tropcy_qc_reloc_06 
     PPOST:  gdas_prep_post_06       - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_06
 gdas_analysis_low_06    - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_06 
     FCSTH:  gdas_forecast_high_06   - triggered by gdas_analysis_high_06
     FCSTL:  gdas_forecast_low_06    - triggered by gdas_analysis_low_06 and gdas_forecast_high_06