About this MEG page
The Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) routinely runs verification to evaluate the performance of its models, but there is no substitute for the perspective gained through using the models to make a weather forecast. This page hosts images generated from real-time NCEP model data and contains drawing tools to create a forecast.

The model images can be toggled by clicking the "Stack images" button then clicking the "Image up" and "Image down" buttons or pressing the up and down arrow keys. To begin drawing contours, click the "Draw contours" button, then the "New contour" button on the menu that pops up. Be sure to keep track of which image you're currently editing by noting which rectangle in the menu is colored blue. A contour can be closed by pressing the enter key. A node along the contour can be deleted by pressing the backspace or delete keys. Once your forecast is complete, you can download it as an image by clicking the "Download map" button.