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1. TAF verification data

TAF verification data should be stored in BUFR file, however current BUFR table
does not define probablistic variables such as mean, spread and probability for
ceiling, visibility, sky types and precipitation types. We already sent our request
to add these variables into BUFR definition, but this will take time. Thus for first
step, we just provide data in ascii format. Please download them from here

For each run, there are 22 forecast times, from 00hr,03hr,06hr, ... 63hr. Each with
one file. All 22 files are put in one tar file. After download, you can use tar xvf to
untar them in UNIX or LINUX. The tar file shows the forecast beginning time.
For exampel, 2004022309.tar means the beginning time is 2004, Feb 23, 09z

Please note that not all TAF stations are included. About 60 stations outside of
CONUS are excluded from data list.

The variables and units are listed as following

      STATION - station name
      LIFR - LIFR probability (%)
      IFR - IFR probability (%)
      MVFR - MVFR probability (%)
      CLR - Clear sky probability (%)
      SCTR - scattered sky probability (%)
      BRKN - Broken sky probability (%)
      OVRC - Overcast sky probability (%)
      CEILM - Ceiling height mean (1000 feet)
      CEILS - Ceiling height spread (1000 feet)
      VSBM - Visibility mean (mile)
      VSBS - Visibility spread (mile)
      CLDM - Total cloudness mean (%)
      CLDS - Total cloudness spread (%)
      APCP - 3Hr-Precipitation Accumulation mean (mm)
      SPCP - 3Hr-Precipitation Accumulation spread (mm)
      RNPRB - Rain probability (%)
      FRPRB - Freezing probability (%)
      SNPRB - Snow probability (%)
      W10M - 10m Wind speed mean (knot)
      W10S - 10m Wind speed spread (knot)

If read data in FORTRAN, the format is


The definition for each variable can be found in SREF aviation product document

We also have near surface wind shear data but computed between presure levels 1000-950mb
, 950-900mb and 900-850mb. For mountain regions, such data are unvailable, so we don't provide
this time. We will modify that to above geographic height instead of presure in the next

If you have question, please contact or