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  • For the ongoing NOAA New England Temperature and Air Quality (TAQ) experiment with regional ensemble forecasts, please click here to view.
  • NEW: Starting from 09z July 9, 2002, 5 new SREF members with the Kain-Fritch version of Eta have been added to the NCEP SREF system. Also a new and more user-friendly SREF web page with animations will be implemented soon!
  • Disclaimer: Although the NCEP SREF system has been running operationally, its data dissemination including this web site is not operational. Therefore, the completeness and timeliness of this site is not guaranteed.
  • From late April, 2001 (June 5, 2001 officially), the NCEP SREF system has been implemented as "Real-Time Testing and Evaluation" (RTTE) and running real time at production side. The SREF products are available to all forecasters through this web site (but NOT part of RTTE!) as well as to NCEP service centers via Grib and Gempak data. For external users, ftp access to grib data (grid 212: individul members, ensemble mean, spread and probabilities of selected variables are available through NCEP ftp site (; LOGIN: anonymous; PASSWD: your email address; directory: pub/data/nccf/com/sref/prod/sref.yymmdd). For this update, you can click here for a detailed description or here for an outline (05/24/01 CAFTI information item).
  • Click here to see the NCEP/HPC's SREF-based Flash Flood Guidance (FFG). Click here to see the application of the NCEP SREF at the PennSate NWS office for their daily weather forecasting.


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