Conmay "Rose" Du

Conmay "Rose" Du is a resident of Fairfax, Virginia and currently a 4th grade student of the Greenbriar West Elementary School where she is enrolled in the prestigious selected Advanced Academic Program as a Gifted and Tatented (GT) student. Outside school, she is a talented dancer and a competitive Rhythmic Gymnastic gymnast at Gymnastics World, Woodbridge, VA. Her old sister Connie Du is also a Rhythmic Gymnastic gymnast (started in 2011).

Major Achievements

2013: 14th place national All-Around U.S. Rythmic Championships (Orlando): (level 6, out of 89 participants)

2013: Top 8 in Region 5 All-Around Region 5 Championship (Columbus, OH): (level 6, out of 42 participants)

2012: 10th place national All-Around U.S. Open Championships (Orlando): (level 4, out of 83 participants)

2012: Region 5 Champion All-Around Region 5 Championship (Bethesda, MD): (level 4, out of 46 participants)

2013 (2nd Year) Competition results (Level 6, maximum score is 55): Score Age Group (Child-C /# of participants) All Ages (/# of participants)
7. US Rhythmic Championships (Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, FL, Jun. 4-9) 41.4 7th place/36 14th place/89
6. Region 5 Championship (Columbus, OH, May 4-5) 38.3 4th place/16 7th place/42
5. Capital Challenge (Invitational, Washington DC, Apr. 20-21) 37.5 3rd place/25 5th place/49
4. Spring Fling (Inernational, Columbus, OH, Apr. 5-7) 41.7 2nd place/24 3rd place/51
3. Coaches Cup (International, Syracuse, NY, Mar. 15-17) 38.9 4th place/15 8th place/32
2. Steel City Invitational (Pittsburgh, OH, Mar. 9-10) 35.2 4th place/12 9th place/30
1. Elegance Invitational (Potomac, MD, Feb. 2) 38.25 1st place/5 2nd place/13

2012 (1st Year) Competition results (Level 4, maximum score is 33): Score Age Group (Child-B /# of participants) All Ages (/# of participants)
7. USA Gymnastics Open Championships (Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, FL, Jun. 6-12) 27.3 3rd place/20 10th place/83
6. Region 5 Championships (Bethesda, MD, May 4 - 6) 28.3 1st place/16 1st place/46
5. Spring Fling (Invitational, Columbus, OH, Mar. 30 - Apr. 1) 26.65 1st place/10 3nd place/46
4. Coaches Cup (International, Syracuse, NY, Mar. 16-18) 26.9 1st place/8 2nd place/30
3. NJ State and Glitz (Invitational, Bridgewater, NJ, Feb. 25-26) 28.55 2nd place/29 2nd place/46
2. Elegance (Invitational, Potomac, MD, Jan. 28-29) 24.7 1st place/13 1st place/43
1. Integrity (Invitational, Canal Winchester, OH, Jan. 14-15) 23.85 2nd place/4 3rd place/13

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