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VIS5D files of NCEP models

20040819: More VIS5D files are back.
20031208 The AVN 2.5 degree over western hemisphere is running.
20031001: SOME VIS5D FILES ARE BACK (again) after server1 (sgi62) A green dot will be on (left side) if the VIS5D files, potentially, are present. tar files containing source code and everything else to make your own vis5d files are coming soon.
The Files on this page are cycled or updated every hour, but automated and unattended.
The old VIS5D eta, avn3h, avn3h/avn, rsmh10, AVNEU (Europe-Asia), South America, and ensembles (NCEP and National Center's) from the 90's are back as shown below ...
Some directories are empty as these runs have been discontinued.
avn3h are 3-h forecasts over CONUS out to 5 days displayed at 1x1 degrees.
avn3h/avn is the avn forecasts out 177-h over the Northern and Western hemisphere displayed at 2x2 degrees.
rsmh10 is the Regional Spectral Model (RSM) over Hawaii at 10 km for 48-h.
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Old_VIS5D files of NCEP models

VIS5D ENSEMBLE runs: NCEP Global Spectral Model Breeding ensembles and a

| National Modeling Center ensemble

VIS5D ETA Operational old_VIS5D files
VIS5D fnl Final Analysis
VIS5D NGM model
VIS5D GFS 3 HR AVN files over Northern and Western Hemisphere on 2x2 deg grid
VIS5D GLOBAL RUN files: AVN 2.5 degree, and other models
VIS5D GLOBAL RUN files: MRFX parallel run
VIS5D rsmh10 (Hawaii 10km): Regional Spectral Model, 10km over Hawaii.
VIS5D ETA/AVN files as well as other models .
VIS5D GLOBAL AVN 3-hour, RSM50, 3dvar dmrf eta fnl meso mrfx-mrf mrfx ngm and ruc
GEMPAK to Vis5D program (gemvis)
GEMPAK to Vis5D program: latest version of the gemvis software 990901
GEMPAK and Gemvis Grib to Vis5D program incl source and the kitchen sink, 140Mb for SGI IRIX
GEMPAK and Gemvis Grib to Vis5D setup with scripts 53Mb for SGI IRIX

VIS5D allows timely animated 3-Dimensional visualizations of all NCEP/EMC's operational models! To use our VIS5D files you need a copy of VIS5D (freeware) which you can get from the Vis5D homepage and a UNIX platform. Follow the instructions including the .mailcap and .mime.types file setups if you want to start from a netscape web browser or download any of our VIS5D NCEP model files above and manually start VIS5D .

Ensemble forecasts are shown in a VIS5D display. The many model runs are stacked up as the vertical coordinate! The ith ensemble run is set on the height surfaces as, for example, the ensemble control run at the 0 km (surface), the next ensemble such as "n1" is at 1 km and so on. This organization is laid out in the "list.YYMMDDHH" text list of named files on the same web page as the vis5d ensemble files.

This allows quick browsing of all the ensmebles in the ensemble set using the Vis5D widgets. And Behold, ... It gives user selected weather element event probabilities using VIS5D 3D Iso-surfaces, for example, the probability of a region having more than 6mm of rain or the probability of more than gale force winds, by setting the VIS5D Iso-surface widget to the event you, dear user, desire. One more thing -- seting up the ensemble forecasts this way "sifts" out high probability (user selected) events in the two week period. It answers the two questions: What is going to happen in the two week time frame and how sure of the event happening is the models! Too see this use the Iso-surface animation (time) and watch for high probabilities.

Real time Short Range Ensemble of National Center 48hr forecasts (click here) and the NCEP ensembles are both available in this same way, stacked in the vertical coordinate, z (km). The ensx, national center ensemble, include the NCEP regional models and well known national centers out to 48 hour forecasts. The Global model ensembles VIS5d files have forecasts out to 10 days.

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