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Web Site of Jordan Alpert (*j*) at NCEP Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) R&D projects: Mountain Blocking, Radar Radial Wind SuperOb, Real-Time NOMADS, Vis5D files of NCEP models.
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Jim Witt AMS Award, Cover letter and Submission to AMS: jim witt.eml, nom_view.pdf[Witt AWARD]

Alpert collects AWARD: For development of the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System, the first operational U.S. National climate and weather model archive, for the NOMADS group -- see Picture [AWARD]

Sub-Grid Scale Mountain Blocking Experiments

VSDB Verification

DODS Server appl: Event Probability Analysis Threshold for Worldbank

Global Precipitation verification analysis from rain gauges for Worldbank

DODS Server appl: Event Probability Analysis

DODS OPen-DAP Server appl at NCDC NOMADS: ENSEMBLE PROBABILITY TOOL -- Choose a Weather Event and get a Probability Analysis for all forecast times

NOMADS high availability 24/7 real time server at the WOC

NOMAD1 || NOMADS2(does not exist, aliased to)= ||NOMADS3 || NOMADS5 ||

Presentation web page

more Presentations in the presentation directory




NOMADS (server 1) nomad1 (backup for nomad2)

NOMADS (server 2) nomad2 (GFS, ETA, Re-analysis...)

NOMADS (server 3) nomad3 (Climate-CFS and nomad1 replacement)

NOMADS (server 5) nomad5 (Ensembles, RUC, AMIP)

Vis5D web page of NCEP model data

1988 Version of the MRF Documentation (Last Updated in 1992)





Images and Icons



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