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The OLD 1988 MRF Documentation, Edited by Ken Campana and Jordan Alpert 1991[Witt AWARD]

Jim Witt AMS Award, Cover letter and Submission to AMS: jim witt.eml, nom_view.pdf[Witt AWARD]

Alpert collects AWARD: For development of the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System, the first operational U.S. National climate and weather model archive, for the NOMADS group -- see Picture [AWARD]

Sub-Grid Scale Mountain Blocking Experiments

VSDB Verification

Dropout forecast error

OPeNDAP/DODS Server application example: Event Probability Analysis Threshold for Worldbank

Global Precipitation verification analysis from rain gauges for Worldbank

DODS Server appl: Event Probability Analysis

DODS OPen-DAP Server appl at NCDC NOMADS: ENSEMBLE PROBABILITY TOOL -- Choose a Weather Event and get a Probability Analysis for all forecast times(STILL WORKING: 20171130)

NOMADS high availability 24/7 real time server at the WOC

NOMAD1 || nomad2(does not exist, aliased to)= ||NOMADS3 || NOMADS5 ||

Presentation web page

more Presentations in the presentation directory




NOMADS (server 1) nomad1

NOMADS (server 3) nomad3 (Climate-CFS)

NOMADS (server 5) nomad5 (Ensembles, RUC/RAP, AMIP)

Vis5D web page of NCEP model data

1988 Version of the MRF Documentation (Last Updated in 1992)





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