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Q: #How will we know about when and where these observations are being conducted?
  #I'm assuming it'll be in the routine message from the SDM (NFDADMNFD), but
  #that may be a bad assumption.
A: Flight requests will be made by the SDM desk at NCEP (based on HPC forecaster request that is based on field
office and service center requests). The SDM says that:
"The SDM's should be able to send notification via the usual NFDADMNFD
(AWIPS) and NOUS42KWNO (WMO) bulletins giving the approximate time and
location of T-PARC missions, but I don't think we'd have time to give too
detailed info concerning the data, other than a general statement that
the quality of the data appears to be good, e.g. "

The flight request will go to CARCAH (at TPC), where they will issue a Plan Of the Day (POD) for next day
with an outlook for second day. They will circulate a "NOUS42 KNHC" bulletin with a track number of the
requested flight and the number of drops. The tracks are available in the NWSOP document at:
On the day of the mission the data will be circulated with a header "UZPN13 KNHC".

Q: ...about the upcoming T-PARC Targeted Obs Program (JAN-MAR) with regards to how do people at
the field offices get in their requests... i.e., whom do they contact to make their request known?
A: These requests need to reach HPC. In order to prevent several WFOs calling HPC with respect to the same storm it is suggested that the NWS Regional Headquarters set up a mechanism through which they collect requests from their WFOs, which they transmit to HPC. For HPC contact persons and request deadlines please see the Logistics page for the current year.

Q: How much advance notice must the requester give?
A: Because for proper aviation planning flight requests have to be issued 24 hours in advance of
take-off, flight planning usually takes place 36-48 hours in advance of the actual flights.

Q: How is the requester to determine the level of priority or is that done by someone else based on requests from the field offices?
A: HPC marks the final list of requests as High, Medium, or Low priority. Field requests should be identified similarly. Based on the field requests collected and transmitted by Regional Headquarters, HPC will compile a national list.