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CARCAH Winter Storm Operating Procedures




1. The 2008-2009 Winter Storm Season begins 1 November. A CARCAH Duty Officer will be on duty at the National Hurricane Center:

a. During normal duty hours and 53WRS scheduled training flights.

b. When a CARCAH tasked aircraft is flying. This is normally from mission brief to mission debrief which may be while the aircraft is still airborne.

c. As required on weekends and holidays to coordinate and disseminate the Winter Storm Plan of the Day (WSPOD).


2. At other times, messages for CARCAH personnel may be left on       our commercial voice mail or the office email at



3. Some points of review:

a. The WSPOD will be published daily through 31 March. In November it will be appended as a NOTE to the Tropical Cyclone Plan of the Day.

b. Near 1530Z for the Atlantic and 1830Z for the Pacific, CARCAH will coordinate requirements with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

c. CARCAH will pass tasking to the 403D Wing Current       Operations and NOAA/AOC.

d. Drop positions will be listed individually on the WSPOD only if they differ from those on the published track.


4. This supersedes the CARCAH letter of 22 October 2007, same subject.




John W. Pavone, DAF                 cc: NWS S.Kiser

Chief, Aerial Reconnaisaance            NCEP J.Cisco

Coordination, All Hurricanes            Senior Duty Meteorologist


                                        OFCM M.Welshinger