Global Parallel Experiment Log

Experiment Name
Analysis 2003 Upgrade
Parallel Slot
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Start date of parallel experiment
End date of parallel experiment
Implementation date if any
combined into Package 2003
Environmental Modeling Center scientists
John Derber, Yoshihiko Tahara, Paul van Delst, Yong Han, Russ Treadon, Weiyu Yang
Abstract (including Motivation, Hypothesis and Method)
A modified version of the global analysis system is being evaluated for implementation. The forecst model used is that from the preceding RRTM parallel. The changes in the global analysis system are as follows:
  1. radiance assimilation
    • upgrades
      • fast radiative transfer - more compact scheme
      • sea surface emissivity model for IR radiances
      • cloud top detection for IR radiances
    • data usage
      • assimilate GOES-12 sounder radiances
      • monitor AQUA AIRS and EOS_AMSUA radiances
      • handle GOES imager and AVHRR radiances (not extensively tested)
  2. time interpolation of the guess
    • multiple surface fields
    • multiple sigma guess files
  3. new data types (not extensively tested)
    • NEXRAD radial winds
    • lidar line of sight winds
  4. additional features
    • bias correct sigma guess (not extensively tested)
    • begin minimization from non-zero increment (application in GFS-early/late)
    • output updated surface file (update skin temperature only, no GDAS feedback)
  5. code structure
    • modular code organization
    • flexible format for radiance diagnostic files
    • reproducibility over any number of MPI tasks
    • monitor satellite data counts for received, selected, and assimilated.

Experiment changes log
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Background links
Evaluation of parallel results
Daily forecast maps by Pete Caplan
Daily forecast stats by Pete Caplan
Verification against sondes and aircraft timeseries by Suru Saha
Verification against rawinsondes horizontal maps by Suru Saha
Verification against rawinsondes vertical maps by Suru Saha

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