Global Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  Analysis 2003 Upgrade

When Who What
2003/09/10/00 Treadon,Iredell Because the experiment was so far behind real-time, the period between 2003-08-24 to 2003-09-10 was skipped. The GDAS cycle was restarted at 2003-09-10-00 with the production guess files but with 2-week-old parallel satellite statistics files.
2003/08/20/06 Treadon Use 3 hourly guess files (previously using hourly forecast files)
2003/08/08/12 Iredell Experiment halted temporarily but then restarted
2003/08/04/12 Kistler,Liu Apply vortex relocation to hourly GFS model output
2003/07/30/12 Derber,Treadon Return AQUA EOS_AMSU radiances to monitoring mode, no assimilation.
2003/07/23/06 Treadon Run GFS early (AVN) and GFS late (FNL) analyses each cycle. Start minimization for FNL analysis from GFS early analysis increment.
2003/07/22/12 Derber,Treadon Assimilate AQUA EOS_AMSU radiances (previously just monitored).
2003/07/17/06 Treadon,Iredell Begin run using sigma and surface guess from preceding RRTM PRX. Radiance bias correction guess files come from Treadon's own cycle.

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