Global Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  GSI hybrid

When Who What
2007/02/22/18 Daryl Kleist Change to every FOV AIRS from center spot AIRS data and add COSMIC GPS.
2007/03/05/12 Daryl Kleist Fix to handling of GPS QC
? (recent as of 3/21) Daryl Kleist Minor script change which has small impact of precipitation assimilation on early analysis
2007/03/22 Russ Treadon Correction to vertical coordinate used in T190 (day 8.5 and longer) portion of forecast
2007/03/23 Russ Treadon Before this date, parallel assimilated questionable NOAA-16 AMSU-A channel 4 data excluded from operational
2007/04/17/18Z Russ Treadon Tighten quality control of COSMIC GPS refractivity data in tropics to address increased forecast error in 200 hPA tropical winds

Page Last Modified: March 21, 2007