Surface Net Short Wave from SRB

Glenn H. White


This page presents a monthly mean climatology of surface net short wave radiation from the GEWEX SRB project at NASA Langley. Satellite observations of radiation at the top of the atmosphere are combined with ISCCP cloud estimates and a radiative transfer model to calculate estimates of the surface net short wave radiation. The monthly mean climatology calculated here is based on July 1983-June 1991. Also shown for each month are standard deviations of the monthly mean net short wave. Zonal means and zonal means over land and ocean together with the zonal means plus and minus one standard deviation are also here.

Surface net short wave from SRB is regarded by some as perhaps the best global estimate of surface net short wave. However, there is some suggestion that it may be high by 15 Watts/m2.

Monthly means and standard deviations Zonal means -land and ocean
January January
February February
March March
April April
May May
June June
July July
August August
September September
October October
November November
December December