The purposes of monitoring the data assimilation system are to ensure the proper performance of the assimilation system and to diagnose problems with the system for future improvements.

The surface plots has 8 vertical levels, except for surface conventional data. These are mandtory levels and the data displayed on the plots are within 10mb or level+/- 10mb except rawinsode data which are exact that level. There is only for the surface data. Each plot consists of four figures, the figures at upper panel display the differences between observation and 6 hour forecast, between observation and analysis with analysis increment backgound , respectively.

The figures at lower panel are analysis increment and analysis field. The red numbersshow the data are used in the data assimilation, and the blue one is not. The follow imagers are the horizontal plot region distribution.

Horizontal plot region distribution

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PS120 PS180 PS181 PS183 PS187 Q180 Q181 Q183 Q187 T180 T181 T183 T187
W280 W281 W282 W284 W287 Q120 Q130 Q132 Q133 Q134 Q135 T120 T130
T131 T132 T133 T134 T135 W220
W221 W223 W224 W228 W230 W231 W232
W233 W234 W235 W242 W243 W245 W246 W252 W253 W257 W258