Useful Ensemble Forecasting Publications

Reforecast Publications

Guan, H., B. Cui, and Y. Zhu, 2015:
Improvement of Statistical Postprocessing Using GEFS Reforecast Information.
Wea. Forecasting, 30, 841-854.

Hamill, T. M., G. T. Bates, J. S. Whitaker, D. R. Murray, M. Fiorino, T. J. Galarneau Jr., Y. Zhu, and W. Lapenta, 2013:
NOAA's Second-Generation Global Medium-Range Ensemble Reforecast Dataset.
Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 94, 1553-1565.

Initial Perturbation Publications

Toth, Z. and E. Kalnay, 1997:
Ensemble Forecasting at NCEP and the Breeding Method.
Mon. Wea. Rev., 125, 3297-3319.

Wei, M. Z. Toth, R. Wobus, Y. Zhu, C. H. Bishop, and X. Wang, 2006:
Ensemble Transform Kalman-based ensemble perturbations in an operational global prediction system at NCEP.
Tellus, 58A, 28-44.

Wei, M. Z. Toth, R. Wobus, and Y. Zhu, 2008:
Initial perturbations based on the ensemble transform (ET) technique in the NCEP global operational forecast system.
Tellus, 60A, 62-79.

Whitaker, J. S. and T. M. Hamill, 2002:
Ensemble Data Assimilation without Perturbed Observations.
Mon. Wea. Rev., 130, 1913-1924.

Zhou, X., Y. Zhu, D. Hou, and D. Kleist, 2016:
A Comparison of Perturbations from an Ensemble Transform and an Ensemble Kalman Filter for the NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System.
Wea. Forecasting, EOR.