Date:    990125-26
Flight:    990127

Date:    990126
Flight: 990128
For the 990128 flight, very strong correlations found in both ensembles. For west coast weather system, same sensitivity pattern is found for 3 different lead times: 99012912, 3000, 3012, with both ensembles.
Flight track #23 came out as best for both weather systems.

Date:    990201
Flight:    990203
This day, NCEP and ECMWF guidance was distincly different, because ensembles were different. Flight track to Spokane covered both. Would be VERY interesting to see combined 14+14 ncep-ecmwf ensemble sensitivity product for this day.

Date:    990203-04
Flight:    990205-06-07-08
These days for certain lead times, ncep ensemlbe gave questionable"; for other lead times, it gave reasonable results. Eg, ncep was ok for flying 0800, but not for 020500 or 0600; while ecmwf was ok for other lead and gave questionable stuff still on others. Worth checking again the sens on combined ens, if it is clear all lead times or poor all the time.