Tuesday, May 13


NCEP perspective (Louis Uccellini)

The NWS Forecast Uncertainty Program (Douglas Hilderbrand)

Ensemble systems overview (New products, plans)

NAEFS (Yuejian Zhu)

Short Range Ensemble Forecast System (Jun Du)

Climate Forecast System (Hua-Lu Pan)

Wave Ensemble (Degui Cao)

Hydrological applications (Julie Demargne)

Statistical post-processing – 1 (Matt Peroutka)

Statistical post-processing – 2 (Roman Krzysztofowicz)

Verification of probab./ensemble forecasts (James Brown & Mike Charles)

Lunchtime talks

Use of ensembles at MSC (Lewis Poulin)

Use of ensembles at NMSM (Rene Lobato)

NCEP Service Center applications (Recent developments and plans)

HPC (Mike Brennan)

OPC (Joe Sienkiewicz)

TPC (Mike Fiorino)

SPC (David Bright)

CPC (Ed Olenic)

AWC (Steve Silberberg)

WFO & RFC applications (Recent developments and plans)

Pacific Region (Bill Ward – to be provided later)

Alaska Region (Carven Scott – to be provided later)

Western Region (Andy Edman)

Central Region (Peter Browning)

Southern Region (Bernard Meisner – to be provided later)

Eastern Region (Kenneth Johnson, Richard Grumm)

Wednesday, May 14

WFO & RFC applications (continued)

NOMADS for flexible distribution of data (Jordan Alpert)

NAWIPS & AWIPS2 ensemble tools (David Plummer/ Paul Schultz)

Review of recommendations from previous workshop (Zoltan Toth)

WG discussions – Topic A

WG1-A (Joan Von Ahn, Mike Schichtel)

WG2-A (Tom Hamill, Yuejian Zhu)

WG3-A (Jordan Alpert, Paula Freeman)

WG4-A (Mike Brennan)

Lunchtime talks

Use of ensembles at AFWA (Evan Kuchera)

Review of graphical display alternatives (Tom Hamill)

Precipitation bias correction using forecast analogs (Jon Ahlquist)

WG discussions – Topic B

WG1-B (Doug Hildebrand / David Bright)

WG2-B (Kathy Gilbert, Evan Kuchera)

WG3-B (Paul Schultz, Matt Peroutka)

WG4-B (Richard Grumm, Bill Bua)