Winter T-PARC Workshop

Oct 8 (noon) - Oct 10 (5pm) 2008

NCEP  (NOAA Science Center)
Room 707
Camp Springs, MD 20746

Link to Presentations:     (10/15/08)
permanent page

Meeting Summary (PPT)     (11/15/08)

Note to presenters:  the FTP site is for downloading ONLY - if you have a T-PARC presentation you need to send it to for uploading on the site.

agenda    (10/15/08)

tentative     (10/06/08)

To register, please contact  
with a CC to

Important note for Workshop attendees who do not have NOAA (or other govt) badges:

Please contact NCEP/EMC Security Coordinator, Ms. Janet Johnson, at or (301) 763-8000 x7203 at least one week in advance of the workshop start date(s) regarding your authorization for NCEP building access.  Email contact is preferred.

Telecon Information:   

Toll Free:  888-677-4433      Toll number:  1-210-795-9888          Pass code:  54181

Local Area Information:    

There are now 2 mid-level motels across the street from NCEP in Camp Springs - a Country Inn & Suites and a Holiday Inn Express (rebuilt from a former Days Inn). 

Country Inn reservation page

Holiday Inn reservation page

The closest luxury hotel is still the Colony South (5 mi south in Clinton).  

Colony South reservation page

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